Dog Overboard

Dog Overboard

The only worrying incident on an otherwise fantastic weekend with a group of Young Carers. We got together on Friday evening and soon selected the games the young people wanted for the weekend, then set off. As it was already fairly late, we only went to Kings Langley to stop and play in the playing field and playground, then evening meal, games and chat until bed. Chat and laughter didn’t stop then (what do you expect from 9-13 yr olds?) but eventually people slept – but only until around 5.30 am when the young people couldn’t contain their excitement, and got up to start again!v Two breakfasts later, we set off, to stop at Cassiobury Park and play in the newly opened Splash Pools, have a trip on the model railway and a go on the fitness equipment (with an ice-cream included somewhere in the mix) before returning to the boat to journey on (and have lunch). A visit to the Batchworth Lock Centre, and a trip to Tescos (conveniently situated on the canal side) preceded the barbeque, then a walk round the Aquadrome before some games and chat, a quick shower (8 people showered in around half an hour, on one tank of hot water) then bed. The young people settled quicker the second night, and slept until getting on for 8.00 Sunday. I wonder why?

Sunday started with a visit to NB Roger (well, after a good cooked breakfast!), where the young people were amazed and fascinated by the life and living conditions of those that worked the boats carrying cargo in the 1930s. Then came the return trip to Nash Mills (with lunch on the way, and eclairs, and an ice cream), before the young people were re-united with their families.

And the dog overboard? Walking along the gunnels, Mickey fell in. We had to reverse up and rescue him from the off-side; quite worrying, but everything came out OK. No-one could talk ‘dog’ well enough to explain to Mickey our safety procedures, or the good reasons that we have them.

Everyone had a great time, with new friendships formed, new experiences, some time to chill out and relax, try new things, learn new skills, develop new understanding of each other and themselves, and grow and blossom all whilst having a fun trip.

I can’t thank the other volunteers that helped on the trip enough – they worked hard at giving these marvellous young people a good time, and were rewarded only by thanks and smiles. And also to thank those behind the scenes with the organisation – and they don’t even get to see the young people enjoying themselves so much.