Go Fish!

Not only a popular card game on the last ENABLE of the season, but also an activity that really grabbed the attention of the young people on the trip.

We went South on our trip, down to Camden and back, stopping at all of the playing fields and playgrounds on the way, but also going into the Open Day at Cassiobury Rare Breeds Farm, over the North Circular Road (where it’s great to be in what almost feels like open country looking down on 4 lanes of traffic jam in each direction), through Regents Park and the Zoo, into Camden Market for some retail therapy and an evening meal, visiting Paddington Bear in the station of the same name and having a canoeing and kayaking session when we got back to the base. But the fishing at Springwell was what really caught their attention. We’d originally intended to fish until around 12.30, have lunch then continue along the canal. But it soon became evident that the group didn’t want to stop, so we moved lunch (and hand-washing facilities) onto the canal bank, and they carried on until Dick declared that he really had to start packing up, because of all the other commitments he had. He didn’t get away from us until just after 3.00pm. Â

As ever on an ENABLE, there were some interesting and challenging times, but the young people that lasted out the trip (one had to leave us part-way through) and the WEXP volunteers were amazing, and a fantastic time was had by all. There was serious discussion of a mutiny and pirating of the boat, to turn around and repeat the trip. The young people not only had a great time, but developed some new friendships, improved their independence and confidence and boosted their self-esteem. Thanks to the team of volunteers who helped out on the trip, Alice and Sue for the organising and paperwork, Steve at Cassiobury Farm for letting us in, Andrew at the Camden Pirates for a safe overnight mooring, Dick for bringing all the fishing gear and running the session and Ross from Hemel Canoe Club for the canoeing and kayaking at the base. And also to the young people on the trip for being the amazing people that they are.

John Bennett August 2017