About us

2016! What a great year! We are looking forward to making many new wonderful memories during 2017!  We hope you’ll be part of our amazing journey!


It’s been all hands on deck during 2016! What a  very successful year for Waterways Experiences, with boats out on trips almost every day of the year, including three enable trips and one young carer trip (with more planned for 2017!)  It’s thanks to the 100+ volunteers we have ‘on board’ helping keep the charity ‘afloat’  from crewing to marketing, to bookings to maintenance. A very big thank you to our trustees for all their support and guidance over the year.  Finally thank you to everyone that has supported us, and booked trips.

 What we do

Waterways Experiences is a registered charity.  We operate three large canal boats from a beautifully landscaped boatyard on the Grand Union Canal near Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire.  Our mission is to promote well-being by providing affordable canal boat trips particularly for the disadvantaged.   As well as day trips all year round, we provide very special holidays for  teenagers with learning difficulties or other disadvantages. 

We operate without any paid employees.  As volunteers, what makes us tick is the satisfaction of being able to share our passion for the waterways and canal boating with people normally excluded from this pastime.

Some of the things that make our boats and our service special:
  • all our boats were designed to provide great access for the less mobile. They have ramps and lifts and plenty of turning space for wheelchairs.
  • everyone on board has the opportunity to get involved with working the boat (steering and operating locks).
  • for those for whom steering and lock operation is either not appealing or not feasible, the novelty of the surroundings and close encounters with nature is very special.
  • shyer passengers often surprise themselves by their achievements in rising to the challenge


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If you’d like to help us with our mission, please join as a member by signing up using this form. We send out regular newsletters including information about volunteering opportunities. Membership is currently free of charge.


We are constituted as a membership organisation.  Click here to read the constitution.


How to find us

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