Residential experiences

What do our young people and young carers say about their time on the waterways?  

What’s it like on a residential trip with Waterways Experiences? Let’s see what some of our passengers have to say about their days on the Grand Union Canal?

Our Enable young people always have plenty to say about their trips:

“ It made me realise there more to life than technology and that I should try new things ” 

“ An opportunity to mix with people own age and be more independent ”    

“ I’m more confident away from family “

“ Getting out in fresh air, being able to play football and basketball and sleeping really well the boat”

 And here are some quotes from Young Carers on what they have enjoyed about their trips:

“ It gave me a chance to be with other young carers and have fun together “ 

“ Made me feel confident and I want to volunteer “

“ Learning about “the boat and how to steer it. I love learning new things.  Can’t wait to come again ”

“ Making new friends and time out from home “