Our current appeals

Wharf improvement and extension

The key objectives are to improve the existing wharf to provide enhanced accessibility for our clients and to upgrade and improve the current mooring facilities. The newly acquired 26m wharf will provide additional mooring space for a fourth boat.

The project will provide an additional wharf widened sufficiently to provide safe wheelchair access; installation of additional bollards; easier and safer sewage disposal (pump out) arrangements; mains water supplies and mains electricity to the boats whilst on their moorings.

Outcomes will greatly improve access to the boats, the main beneficiaries being our clients, particularly those with physical and mobility disabilities. The individual service bollards will make servicing of the boats safer, quicker and easier. 

With quotes sourced for each component the upgrade has been costed at £50,000.

New low-carbon boat

From 2015 to the arrival of Covid 19 in 2020 our day trip passenger numbers increased steadily to near full capacity.  This is the position we aim to return to swiftly as soon as the pandemic allows. 

Both of these factors have led us to the vision of a brand new fourth boat for our fleet designed specifically for day trips.  It will have the advantages of improved accessibility, a big increase in space for passengers and their wheelchairs and a much more eco-friendly, silent electrically powered engine.  

The cost of this project is expected to be in the region of £220,000.This is a significant project extending our capacity and the quality of  experience of our clients’. 

Enable holidays 

Each year we run ‘live aboard’ canal trips for small groups of disadvantaged young people to join a real waterways adventure. The holidays run for anything between a few days to a full week and each holiday gives up to six young people the opportunity to experience a sense of freedom and learn new skills whilst enjoying a highly memorable holiday.

Our fully accessible boats means young people, regardless of their disability, are able to navigate easily and safely through the boat, help to steer, talk to people on the towpath and take part in a variety of carefully planned, off-boat activities. 

We aim to make these holidays free of charge and for this we depend on the generosity of our supporters and sponsors. The cost of each holiday is approximately £2,500.

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