Danny Powlesland  Reports…

On 7th  August, we carried out our annual Emergency Exercise on SH3 as we are required to do every year under the terms of our licence. We have great fun thinking up something different each year, but it’s daunting for the Boatmasters who volunteer to crew the boat during the exercise.

This is Fredrica, the masculine looking sister of our MOB dummy Fred. Enjoying the sunshine before volunteering to take the plunge for our exercise.

During a trip carrying passengers from the direction of Kings Langley towards our base, the incident simulated a person falling into the canal, who on recovery from the water, appeared not to be breathing.

Although the crew were expecting some incident during the trip, they were not briefed on what would take place, or where this might happen. Volunteer passengers also understood that an incident would take place, but were given no further information.  Read the full report of events as they unfolded

We would like to thank Phil, Marion, Christine and Graeme for putting themselves forward as skipper and crew for this exercise. They had no idea of what to expect. The exercise was not an easy one and we knew that the crew would find themselves in unfamiliar territory. However, as observers, we were very satisfied with how they managed the whole situation.