In the absence of a full members’ meeting in the near future, we’re providing this update on two important projects that have been ‘on the stocks’ for a while. 

Work has been going on behind the scenes for what seems like a very long time to put flesh onto commitments included in our long term business strategy. This calls for a new boat and wharf improvements so that we provide even more rewarding experiences for our priority groups, and more of them.  

The plan that’s evolved comprises the following elements:

  1. Upgrade of the existing wharf to provide sewage disposal, mains water supplies  and mains electricity supply to our three boats while on their mooring. This will make maintenance of the boats safer, quicker and easier. 
  2. Extension of the Wharf, to the same standard as the upgraded Wharf, to accommodate a fourth boat. This has been made possible because we now have use of the former Belfast mooring.
  3. Purchase of a purpose-built, fourth day trip boat so we can offer more trips to more people.  It will have a silent electric engine, large open deck and accommodate up to 12 passengers, thereby avoiding the additional burdens and costs of MCA compliance.

The ballpark estimate for both parts of the wharf element is up to £50,000, and for the new boat, up to £200,000.  Thanks to the efforts of all volunteers, we are well on the way to being able to fund nearly half of the cost from our own reserves. Our fundraising team is on the case.