Last week I had the privilege of representing Waterways Experiences at the Box Moor Trust’s Annual meeting where we’d been invited to say a few words about what Wexp is and does.  My short presentation obviously kicked off with a big thank you for the £2,500 grant that they made to us towards Close Shave’s new engine last year.  The Trust is a great partner, helping us to introduce large numbers of local school children to the canal through the special trips we run for them on Sheldrake 3, uniquely starting and finishing at the Gadespring Nature Reserve just above the Fisheries at Box Moor. 

Like ours, Box Moor’s annual meeting attracted great attendance, and there were interesting presentations and discussions covering the wide range of projects that the Trust either organises or funds. One of these in particular chimed with me:  they’ve been asked by the Canal & River Trust to lead a local project to manage the release of a large number of water voles into the River Gade – which flows in and out of the canal of course.  But before they do this, they’re keen to establish the whereabouts of the mink that give the voles such a hard time. So, if you spot one of these sly black creatures while crewing, why not ping a message to Box Moor’s Facebook page?