Maria, a local resident emailed Waterways Experiences

I am a resident of Dickinson House, The Embankment, Nash Mills Site opposite the Lock House. 

Christine [Thompson] and I have been in correspondence concerning the Nash Mills site and the waterways. ‘The Gade’ that branches off from the canal into a side channel of water to our housing site and land  is owned by Crest Nicholson and we believe they should still maintain this stretch of water. This has not happened over several years and in trying to involve the Dacorum Council and the Environment Agency we have had no luck in getting anyone to hear us to find out who is responsible, so residents have been trying to clear the waterway with little affect but Christine listened and appealed to Waterways Experience Volunteers if they would help us in our latest plight.

The reason I am emailing is to show complete appreciation for the Waterways Experiences volunteers who took nearly a whole day of their time to assist us residents in Nash Mills on the 14th April 2019 with clearing part of the Canal and our own waterways ‘The Gade’. I need not explain the before and after photo’s attached and the effect your team members had on this area of the Canal.